Celebrations of Pilar Virgin – Zaragoza 2020

Check here all the information about the events related to the Pilar Virgin Celebrations in Zaragoza 2020, when are they, which musical groups are going to act, where to eat, and much more.

The Fiestas del Pilar have been a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest since 1965. The most important day of the Fiestas del Pilar is the 12th of October, the day of the Virgen del Pilar, Patron Saint of Zaragoza and of Hispanity.

What is the origin of the Pilar festivities?

Initially, these festivities were celebrated on August 15, but when the year 1807 arrived, Pope Pius VII named October 12 as the day of the feast of the Virgen del Pilar, conferring the honor of “first class rite”.

Since then to date the Pilar Festivities have changed a lot, it could be said that today there are “Pillars for all”. The city council of Zaragoza and the different associations of the city have produced unprecedented changes in recent years generating an overwhelming offer in terms of folklore, concerts, shows, and gastronomy. All this can be seen in the programme of “Las fiestas del Pilar”, which is usually available by the end of September.

The Pilar festivities will take place from 6 to 14 October, in these 9 days will take place more than 500 cultural, recreational and gastronomic events for all audiences, from the youngest to our elders, is ninety percent of free access.

The most multitudinous act of the festivities takes place on October 12, is the internationally known Offering of flowers to the Virgin of Pilar. In this event more than 350,000 suppliers contribute with their bouquet of flowers to the formation of the mantle of the Virgin located in the Plaza del Pilar, a structure more than 20 meters high that will collect tons of flowers at the end of the day.

During the 10 days of festivities the acts are distributed in different zones of the city:

  • Espacio Zity Valdespartera: located in, recinto ferial de Valdespartera.
  • Parking Norte: Located on the Ebro’s shore gives rise to the River Sound Festival
  • Pabellón de Interpeñas: located in recinto ferial de Valdespartera.
  • Plaza del Pilar: protagonist for hosting the most multitudinous act of the festivities, the Offering of Flowers to the Virgen del Pilar as well as free concerts.
  • Carpa de Aragón: Located in Parking de la Arboleda de Macanaz.
  • Ebro Food: Food truck gastronomic festival y and free concerts in the river shore.
  • Auditorio de Zaragoza: Protagonist protagoinst of the highest quality concerts.
  • Pabellón Príncipe Felipe: Great concerts for all audiences.
  • Plaza de la Justicia: An endless number of free concerts.
  • Pilar Jóven: Located in Auditorium and other venues of the city is the best option for children and adolescents.
  • Espacio río y Juego: Located in front of “fluvial del recinto Expo” a fun option based on the reuse of resources.
  • Gigantes y cabezudos: something unpublished from Zaragoza that is worth seeing.
  • Plaza de la Risa: Located between paseo de la mina and Camino las torres is a great option for entertainment.
  • Festival Camino al Circo: Pure aragonese circus.
  • Parque de las Marionetas: A great option for the kids located at “el parque grande”.
  • Árbol de los Cuentos: A great option for the kids located at “el parque Bruil”.
  • Pilares Mágicos: Let yourself be seduced by the fantastic in the Basement of Magic.
  • Concurso Off de Calle: between the Balcón de S. Lázaro and the nautical club there is this festival of Dancing Street Art and Theatre that will leave you with an open mouth..
  • Salas de conciertos: A multitude of concerts take place in more than 10 venues throughout the city.
  • A Bailar: n Plaza José María Forqué in the district of S. Pablo we can see traditional dances.
  • Muestra Aragonesa: On the shores of the river, in the Paseo Echegarai Caballero, regional gastronomy and handicrafts come together, a must if you are visiting the city.
  • Muestra de artesanía Aragonesa: Located at Plaza de los sitios.
  • Fuegos Artificiales del último día: The final part of the festivities, a spectacle that is worth contemplating from the bridges of the Ebro next to the old town.

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