Where to eat at the Pilar 2018 festivities – Best Restaurants

There are countless bars and restaurants where we can eat, have dinner, tapas, have an aperitif or a few drinks with friends during the Pilar festivities, where the restaurant in Zaragoza does not rest.

In order to understand the areas in which we can be located for lunch in Zaragoza, here we explain the main areas, which we can visit on foot walking quietly and in which we will find bars and restaurants in all the streets.

Where to eat in the Old Town area of Zaragoza

Restaurants in “El Tubo” Area

It is the best-known area to be able to go to tapas, from the aperitif to lunch and at the end of the afternoon to dinner and have a few drinks. Located between Plaza del Pilar and Plaza España in Zaragoza, it is a wide area of streets where you will find countless bars and restaurants for all tastes. We can visit typical places like “La Ternasca” to try the “Ternasco de Aragón” (Lamb certificate of origin), “Doña Casta” with an innovative croquette menu or “Uasabi” and taste the fusion of Japanese and Aragonese food.

Restaurants in Santa Marta Square

It is a pretty little square surrounded by bars and full of terraces, such as “La Tragantúa” or “Casa Domó”, a square that can be accessed from calle Don Jaime I, from Calle Mayor or from the back of La Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza, also known as “La Seo”.

Where to eat in  “La Magdalena” Area

From Plaza San Miguel, between Coso and Calle Asalto, we find an area full of bars and restaurants well known also for being a perfect place to go for tapas, in recent years is popularly known as “El Juepincho”, when many people from Zaragoza approach this area on Thursdays to enjoy with friends of “tapa y trago” (Tapa and drink) at 2€, offered by all establishments in the area.

In this area, we will find interesting establishments such as “El Museo de la Tortilla” (Omelette’s museum), where you can try dozens of different types of tortillas (omelettes), or “Los Cabezudos”, where you can sit at the table and eat the most delicious dishes from their wonderful menu.

Where to eat in the centre of Zaragoza

Restaurants in the Independence Walkway Area

From Avenida de César Augusto to Plaza de los Sitios, passing through the Paseo de la Independencia, between Plaza Aragón and Plaza España, we have a large area where you can share the wide shopping area of the city center of Zaragoza and numerous bars and restaurants for all tastes.
We will be able to eat in the typical and popularly known “Calamar Bravo”, as in the magnificent restaurant “Novodabo”, passing by the “Pasta Nostra Pizza Nostra”, the “Bodegón Azoque” or the creative “Ginger” and its magnificent Japanese food.

Restaurants in Zone of “La Zona”

Between Camino de Las Torres, Paseo de La Constitución and Paseo Sagasta, we will once again find one of the well-known areas of Zaragoza where you can find a multitude of bars and restaurants to which you can go for lunch and dinner, including ending up with a drink on the terraces of the bars on Avenida Cesareo Alierta, between Calle León XIII and Calle San Vicente Mártir, where you can also find some pubs.

We can eat tapas in the well-known “Bula Tapas” or sit at the quietest table in the “Guetaria” restaurant or the current Atypical restaurant.

Restaurants in University Zone

Between the Campus “Plaza San Francisco Unizar” and the Campus “Plaza de Basilio Paraíso” we also find a wide area of bars and restaurants. Walking along the Paseo de Fernando el Católico, passing through Plaza San Francisco, perfect to enjoy the many terraces that have their bars and restaurants in it, also down Dr Street. Closed, as well as the area of Calle Tomás Bretón, we will have no difficulty in finding any bar or restaurant.

In this area, thanks to its proximity to the university, we will find sandwich shops at very affordable prices, especially in Pedro Cerbuna Street, such as the “London Bar” or the “Capone Café”. But we can also find the best raw material brought to the plate in “Casa Unai” in the area of Breton Street, a great place to eat and drink with good quality, or tapas in the well-known “Taberna El Sardi” where we will not be disappointed.

Places to eat that must be taken into account in the rest of the city

It is worth mentioning the City of Zaragoza as a city where it is very common for its citizens to go out to eat or dine at any time of the year, if we are housed outside the city centre for example, apart from the areas that we have just explained, all of them located in the centre of Zaragoza, we can find other bars and restaurants in the districts of Zaragoza equally perfect for lunch or dinner, such as “El Cervino” in the neighbourhood of La Almozara, “el Pinocho”, la All these restaurants are very interesting options to eat in Zaragoza as well.

Something highly recommended to do anywhere in Zaragoza is to ask any neighbor of the area for a nearby place to eat or have dinner, and there is always one nearby where we can do it.

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