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Donation all the profits to Caritas

Donate profits from the flower offering

We believe that the future of any society is in the youngest, the children. For them, we will donate all the profits from to @CaritasZaragoza.

From we understand the offering of flowers to the Virgin of Pilar as a local cultural event of international dimension, thousands of people around the world live each year the offering showing respect and twinning between different cultures living in the city of Zaragoza and the rest of the world.

A multitudinous event that has a direct positive impact on the city of Zaragoza thanks to all the people who come this day to participate in this great event giving international visibility and reporting a direct economic impact on the city of Zaragoza.

Due to the international spirit of and as a way of thanking everyone who comes or participates directly or indirectly in the Offering of Flowers to the Virgin of Pilar, the profits of will go to @CaritasZaragoza to try to return to the world the spirit of twinning and cooperation that is lived in our city in one of its big days, October 12.

To summarize the choice of the destination of the benefits in favor of Caritas, we have to say that:
Caritas is present in the neighbourhoods and villages of 198 countries around the world, working with people to prevent exclusion and initiate social reintegration through projects, centres and services that are places of encounter, welcoming and training to promote the development of societies where it is most needed.

Thanks to all of you who participate with us in La Ofrenda de Flores a la Virgen del Pilar through, we will make this possible.

See you on October 12th!

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