Circuit of the Offering of Flowers to the Virgen del Pilar 2017

The offering of flowers to the Virgen del Pilar, is the most transcendental act of the Pilar de Zaragoza celebrations.

The itinerary of the offering of flowers of the Virgen del Pilar this year 2017 in Zaragoza is distinguished in two types, the tour for groups and the one for individual participants.

This act begins at 7:00 AM in the morning and ends with the arrival of the last group of bidders according to the schedule assigned by a draw.

The Flower Offering takes place along the Paseo de la Independencia as the main stage, the groups will join the Offering according to the order and access to the venue from the different access points that are indicated at the time they make the inscription. There is also a public address and information service throughout the event to notify any changes during the event.

The offering usually has a similar route almost every year, with variations in access points and logistics organization. The last edition in 2016 was characterized by the fluidity of the event as well as its punctuality despite the 280,000 suppliers.

Starting from the drawing of lots to determine the order of departure of the groups, held last Friday, September 15 th, the organization of the Offering establishes the schedules and places of beginning of each group.

Those opening the offering in this edition 2017 will be the Association of Fathers and Mothers La Milagrosa according to the draw made last September 15th. On this occasion a total of 704 groups will participate, 20 more than last year, 54 of which will do so for the first time.

This year there are a total of 10 access points, which differ depending on whether it is a group or bidders who want to make the offer by themselves.

The access points for the members of the groups are the following:

Access 1 – Aragón Square

Access 2 – Street Canfranc

Access 3 – Street Albareda

Access 4 – Street Casa Jiménez

Access 5 – Cinco de Marzo

Access 6 – Sas Square

Access 7 – Puente de Piedra

Access 8 – Santa Engracia Square (from 13:45)

Those who make the offering individually and are not included in any group are assigned access points 8 and 9.

Access 8 – Santa Engracia Square (until 14:00)

Access 9 – St. Vincent de Paul Street (access by Echegaray and Caballero – Don Jaime I)

Here you can see the map of accesses and routes of the Offering of Flowers:

Regarding the route, this year there will be two differentiated criteria.

Group Circuit: Paseo Independencia (pairs side), Plaza de España, Coso, Street Alfonso I and Plaza del Pilar

Individual Circuit: Departure from the Plaza Santa Engracia and runs along the Independence Walk (odd side), Plaza de España, Coso, Calle Don Jaime I and Plaza del Pilar.

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