How to participate in the offering and how the online offering works

You have 3 ways to participate in the offering of flowers to the Virgin of Pilar 2018:

  • In group with your bouquet
  • Individually with your bouquet
  • Sending flowers from wherever you are

Participate in a group with your bouquet

If you don’t have a group to participate with but you want to participate in the offering with a schedule and through the main streets of Zaragoza, you can do it joining our group, you only have to reserve your bouquet and register here.

To participate in a group, you have to register on the dates set by the organization, usually between July and September. After the draw of the order of departure, you will have exact place and time of departure to walk the main streets of the Offering of Flowers to the Virgin of Pilar. But if you join us, you can skip all this process.

Participate from wherever you are

If you cannot come to do the offering in person, we, in collaboration with the Association of Florists of Aragon and with the help of volunteers from the Offering of Flowers to the Virgin of Pilar, will place your flowers on the main mantle first thing in the morning.

In order to make everything transparent, we will explain the process clearly:

  1. Go to Buy your bouquet for the offering and choose the bouquet that you would like the most to place on the mantle’s Virgen del Pilar Flower Offering on October 12th.
  2. Automatically, your bouquet, with a unique identification number, is carefully prepared by one of the Zaragoza florists who collaborate with the Aragon Association of Florists.
  3. On 12 October, the Association of Florists of Aragon picks up your bouquet of flowers and takes it to the Plaza del Pilar first thing in the morning.
  4. Thanks to the volunteers from Zaragoza City and Zaragoza Cultural S.A.U, your bouquet will become part of the mantle of the Virgen del Pilar along with that of more than 285,000 other offerors.
  5. Once the Offering of Flowers to the Virgin of Pilar 2018 has finished you will be able to see in our web the photographic report of the placement of the branches in the mantle of the Virgin of Pilar.

Individually with your bouquet

You can reserve your bouquet here and pick it up personally to go to the offering.

You can go directly to the accesses for individual offerors at the time set by the organization and walk to the mantle to leave your flowers.

Regardless of the option, you choose to participate in the offering, if you do it with us, you will make this day special for the people who need it most, because all the profits collected will be donated to Cáritas Diocesana de Zaragoza.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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