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Let’s begin with a bit of history about the Virgin of Pilar. The Apostle Santiago was in the mission of evangelization in Hispania. It was when arriving in the city then denominated Cesaraugusta when to the shores of the today known as river Ebro the Virgin of the Pilar appeared to him the 2 of January of the 40 A.C.

This apparition was the only one in which the Virgin lived in mortal flesh, she did it on a pillar of Jasper asking Santiago to build in that place a church in his honor. As the writings tell him, he said:

“This place will remain until the end of time so that the virtue of God may work wonders and wonders through my intercession with those who in their needs implore my patronage”.

Thus began the construction of what is known today as the first temple in the world dedicated to the Virgin, and the first Marian dedicated to Christianity.

Several temples followed one another until the construction of what we know today as the Basilica of Pilar. This project began in the XVII century with the origin of a cathedral, the second in the city of Zaragoza together with La Seo. It is justified due to the increase in Marian devotion, leaving behind the old temple of Mudejar Gothic art because it was too small.

The project began in 1681 by the hand of the Zaragozan Felipe Sánchez and the French José Felipe de Busiñac. Later, the construction was adapted to the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles in 1750 by Ventura Rodríguez. The works were completed in 1961 by Miguel Ángel Navarro, father, and son, who carried out the towers on the north face.

The Pilar Basilica can be visited daily and is open to the public throughout the year from 6:45 am to 20:30 pm from Monday to Saturday, and until 21:30. On Sundays and holidays it is closed. Inside you can access the Pilar Tower, where you can enjoy an unparalleled 360-degree panoramic view of the city at 63 m for just 3€.

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